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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Business

Business sales or acquisitions can be challenging. Making the right choices during a business transaction can be difficult when you’re simultaneously juggling day to day business operations. To help you navigate this undertaking, I have put together this list of advice for avoiding common mistakes I’ve seen as a business broker. 1. Mixing business with…

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The Most Common Times to Sell a Business

In a previous post, I discussed how to assess when to sell your business. The decision to sell your business can be very personal, or it can simply be part of your business strategy. After over 30 years in business brokerage, I’ve observed that the decision to sell is usually one of three distinct reasons.…

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Three Keys to Selling Your Business

1. Optimize your income Take a look at your revenues and expenses, cut out unnecessary expenses and look for savings in necessary expenses. Higher net income means a higher valuation of your business. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean up your books, making them easy to understand for potential buyers. 2. Reinforce weaknesses…

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