Three Keys to Selling Your Business

1. Optimize your income

Take a look at your revenues and expenses, cut out unnecessary expenses and look for savings in necessary expenses. Higher net income means a higher valuation of your business. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean up your books, making them easy to understand for potential buyers.

2. Reinforce weaknesses

Every business has vulnerabilities. Take the time to shore up any weaknesses your business may have. Weaknesses can include insufficient diversity in customer base or undocumented business procedures. You can strengthen your business and boost its value and appeal by addressing trouble areas. Consider consulting with your business broker to get an outsider’s perspective of potential weaknesses that may be difficult to identify.

3. Market strategically

Marketing your business strategically will ensure that the right kind of buyer finds your business. This will prevent disconnects and potential deals from dissolving. Having worked in business brokerage for years, I strongly recommend working together with an experienced business broker to develop the best strategic marketing plan. Resources, research and expertise from a business broker make all the difference in a successful business marketing plan.

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